Who is involved

The OH Fund is formally constituted and regulated by the Charities Commission. Trustees are chosen for their financial acumen, their knowledge of and passion for Hereford Cathedral School. They do not necessarily have to be OH. Trustees are appointed for three years and have to be re-elected every three years.

 The OH fund is grateful to former Trustees for the management of the Fund over the years.

The Current Trustees are:-

Richard Hammonds
Richard Hammonds (OH 1947-1954) Chair
Peter Williams
Peter Williams (OH 1940-1948, former parent) Correspondent
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis (OH 1972-1977, former parent)
Clive Potter
Clive Potter (OH 1962-1968, Former HCS Governor)
William Morris
William Morris (OH 1950-1956)
Philip Dazeley
Philip Dazeley (OH 1953-1958)
Nick Bolt
Nick Bolt (OH 1968-1974)
Lee Seal
Lee Seal (former parent and former HCS Governor)
Dick Rhodes
Dick Rhodes (former member of staff and former parent)<
Matt Madeley
Matt Madeley (HCS Accountant)
Jonathan Sheldon
Jonathan Sheldon (OH 1967-1973, HCS Governor)
Joseph Goldsmith
Joseph Goldsmith (OH 1991-1998)
Graham Kemp
Graham Kemp (OH 1969-1976)
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