Luncheon with Jim Mcluskie (OH 1953-60)
Seventh James McLuskie Luncheon staged at The Oyster Shed, EC4

Apart from Jim being the principal guest at this mini-reunion of OHs from the Fifties, we were also delighted to welcome Mrs Patricia Brittain (née Hopewell) who used to live at No.1, Castle Street with her father just after WWII.

Trish, as the boarders from School House used to remember her, is the daughter of former Headmaster, the late A.F.J. Hopewell MA., Cantab (OH) who was himself a pupil at HCS during the first decade of the last century, before eventually returning after the war to become Headmaster of his old school.

Jim on the other hand joined HCS as a boarder in 1954 and, although a resident of Deanery, he was aware that there was a young lady living at No.1 in those days! Now, after a gap of almost 60 years they met up again over lunch and discovered that they both had several things in common, including knowing a work colleague from De Beers where Jim had been employed for a number of years.

Welcome Back Mac!

That was the slogan on a sign that greeted Jim as he entered the main bar area of The Oyster Shed restaurant alongside the river on Thursday 13th June 2013. Nicknamed Mac when at HCS, he is now retired and lives in Johannesburg with his wife Joan. They occasionally tour Europe and this particular year was no exception. They had just returned from a journey through France on a canal boat before coming across The Channel to travel up to Scotland among other destinations. Thus, prior to his return to RSA, a group of OHs arranged to rendezvous with him in The City for a reunion lunch, this being the 7th time he's been back to the UK since OHiL had staged an inaugural lunch meeting with him in 2004.

Guest List

Patricia, BRITTAIN ( neé Hopewell ) Former HM’s daughter

Peter, FAIRMAN-BOURN Deanery (1952-1959)

John, EEDE Deanery (1951-1958)

Peter, GARLAND School House (1955-1959)

Ian, HARWOOD School House (1953-1960)

Will, MASON East House (1958-1965)

James, McLUSKIE Deanery (1954-1960)

Clive, REES School House (1951-1959)

Keith, RIPPIN Deanery (1951-1959)

Philip, STILLIARD East House (1956-1961)

Claire, MORGAN-JONES School Development Director

Present at the event this year was School Development Director, Claire Morgan-Jones who, on hearing that Jim is a rugby enthusiast, immediately invited him to return to Hereford at the end of the year to attend OH Day on Saturday 7th December 2013. With a relative living nearby, he seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea and agreed to keep in contact with Claire so as to structure a schedule that will fit in with the official timetable.

An OHiL contingent to rendezvous with Mac?

Several OHs present at this lunch ( All guests were from the 1950's era ) suggested that we should try and gather together a group of us who might be willing to all travel to Hereford together by car to meet up with Jim again. We could rendezvous at the School, maybe the day before OH Day (?) That way we could form a mini-reunion not only to watch the Annual HCS vs. OH Rugby Match together down on Wyeside but to join in all the other events taking place on 7/12.

After all, if one knows that another OH contemporary from ones HCS past will be attending the gathering, then it makes the reunion that much more interesting and appealing.
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