Leavers of 1987 & 1988 Reunion
“It was a merry band of friendly faces who met for the reunion of 1987 leavers thirty years on, joined by those who left HCS in 1988. Some former teachers also swelled the ranks and thanks to them for indulging us in our trip down memory lane…

Old Block, the Sixth Form Studies (which seemed the source of most amusement) and the Science and Sports Hall all got a visit on the school tour, though most old pupils and their families were content to chat, exchange news and laugh at the many photos on display in the former Monitors’ Common Room. “I don’t remember being a monitor!” revealed one old girl.

Thanks to Helen Pearson in the Alumni office and her team for putting together a lovely afternoon which allowed reminiscences to flow and friendships to be rekindled. I would encourage anyone with a significant anniversary since leaving to get in touch with HCS as it’s amazing how privileged we are as alumni to both have this support from HCS and the memories of happy days there.

Thanks also to Hop Pocket Wine Company for supplying the lovely wines.

Julie North, nee Harries OH 1987
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