Letters from the Front WW1- TN Wilmot
My dear mother

I am still doing Bde Bombing Officer but I manage to spend most of my time with the regiment.

We are standing by in reserve. Everybody has got the wind up but I think most of the wind has blown over now. I hope so any how.

One of the old regiments of the 5th Brigade has joined us again now, after going back to reform. So now we have got 3 of the old regiments in the Bde now. Almost the 5th Bde. This is now supposed to be a crack division. I don't know why. I know most of us don't think so. I wish we were back in the old 7th.

The battalion is now bivouaced on an old French sports ground. They spend all their time playing footer and the officers tennis on two hard courts they have there. I had had two games of tennis but I can't do much at it, it is such a long time since I played.

Your loving son Tom
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