Letter to Mother TN Wilmot June 1914
Letters to his mother

Envelopes attached addressed to Perrystone Towers, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England. Dated by KW June 16th 1914

My dear mother,

Many thanks for your last gd letter. I did not have time to write last Sunday as we were working all the morning, and in the afternoon we went down to the river so this [?] short.

No I have not been to church and as far as I can see not much likelyhood of any while I am here. There is not a church nearer than 14 miles away, and it is impossible for a man to go there after working long hours all the week and most of Sunday. The 4 commandments out here starts 'Six days shalt thou labour, and on the 7th day do odd jobs' and the odd jobs keep you busy most of the time.

Yes I see a good deal of Mrs Carter & Biddy, they always come into meals (6.30, 12.30, and 7 o'clock). At present she is working by herself, as Miss Davenport the lady help went away for a hol and did not come back, 'er 'ealth 'aving broken down.

I did not know Pocca [?] had been ill -- but I suppose she must have been as you say she is getting better -- however I am glad she is much better.

What were Aunt Frances' orders to George Jones? I expect George daren't show what experience he had got with her around.

I have to do all the milking night and morning, at present, only 2 but it was 4.

I have heard from Hodgson twice and got the Herefordian, but they don't seem to have had any cricket matches yet. He told me he had got his photo alright. Please thank Joyce. Will you send one to Nurse?

I didn't know Lal had made a table. How is he getting on at cricket.

We have been doing a lot of fencing lately, and an awful job it is on the prarie (can tell you, I was breaking last week and am going to start the summer following tomorrow. Five horses in front and one behind with the harrows.

I am not alone now with the work as Hugh Bising [?] caem on here having had enough of the Canadian farm he was on. Mr Porter does not do work except odd jobs. We have got 11 horses on the farm.

I took strychine by mistake last week but ain't dead yet. One drawback here is that there is no water to drink, so that you get absolutely parched with thirst. Well I was parched one day fencing so went and milked a cow nearby into a tin I had with nails in. After I had quenched my thirst it dawned on me that we had mixed strychnine in that same tin to poison gophers with.

Well I must chuck up now. Please thank Meriel very much for her letter and say I am writing as soon as poss.

Could not believe about Foster.

Your loving son Tom
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