Leavers of 1996 Reunion
On 8th July 2016 30 OH attended our 20 year reunion of leaving HCS. The years have passed quickly, whilst a lot of people have kept in touch with close friends it was the first time many of us had seen each other since the summer of 96 when England went close to football glory on home soil and the charts were dominated by Fugees “Killing me softly”, Baddie, Skinner and Lighting Seeds “Three Lions” and Spice Girls “Wannabe”! So keen were some OH to meet that a number stayed Friday and Chris Ashford & Stuart Anthony decided to run the Bridges in the morning.

As Mark Skold and I parked in Castle Street a lot of memories came back to us all, we instantly had a guilty feeling as we had not quite finished eating our sandwich and suddenly expected to have a tap on the should from a disapproving teacher, I am not sure whether this is still a school offence but it was a detention in 96!

The group of OH and teachers met on Number 1 lawn, people looked for recognisable faces and congregated in small familiar groups before venturing across the marquee to those who had not been seen for 20 years, it was great to see so many of our teachers there (including Mrs Miles, Mr Rhodes, Mr Morris, Dr Tomlinson, Mrs Williams & Mrs Wooderson) and to swap stories of what life has presented to each person since flying the nest.

A tour of the school followed where we walked past many familiar building bring back a sense of nostalgia, we all remembered our 1st year rooms and those of us that were in 1N in 1989 with Mrs Wooderson had our photos taken inside swapping stories of misdemeanours. Outside the canteen brought back further memories of queuing up outside before investing our £1 a day on a main and pudding… 40 p for a lamb hot pot was a great price!

After the tour it was time for some drinking, alas The Spread Eagle is no longer so another favourite ‘The Litch’ played host to 30 + thirsty OH’s ready for an afternoon and evening of alcohol which did not disappoint before venturing for food and further drinking in ‘The Barrells’ before most of the group decided to remember what a night out without children is and showed current Hereford ions their best dancing moves!

Sunday resulted in some sore heads and it was time for some greasy food to absorb the alcohol before we bid farewell to each other and returned to the various parts of the UK that we now reside in.

Robert Dove
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