Letters from the Front WW1 - TN Wilmot
My dear mother

We have changed our destination for the first time since I joined the battalion.

I told you about our raid didn't I . Well we moved last night to a place which nobody knows. We are having a day's rest here.

Leave is all off. So I don't know when I shall get it now. However if the war is going to finish soon it is worth going on without leave.

Major Stevens has quarrelled with the Bde and had to go. We shall never get such a good CO again. That is two magnificent COs wwe had lost through a mouseeaten Brigadier who cannot stand a stronger man than himself under his command. He is doing his best to ruin the battalion. The battalion is fighting against big odds as long as we are under his command.

Well everybody is in the best of health. I have not heard from barton again.

Your loving son Tom
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