Clive L T Jenkins (OH 1955-1959)
Clive died in Epsom hospital on 4th December 2004 after a courageous fight against liver cancer.

On leaving school, Clive entered the banking industry by joining Standard Bank of South Africa. During his time with them, he undertook a two-year tour to various African countries. Shortly after returning to the UK, CLTJ was posted to Malta to head up a project involving several major UK Banks but this was abruptly terminated due to a change in the political situation at that time.


After returning to the UK, he joined Lloyds Bank and was attached to their overseas operation, known then as Bank of London and South America (BOLSA) After this foreign operation was fully integrated into the Lloyds Group, Clive joined the UK staff where he was initially involved in major privatisation schemes brought about through the new Conservative Government of the time, under former Prime Minister Dame Margaret Thatcher . He was later posted to the USA to manage the Chicago office, holding the second highest position in Lloyds’ North American operation.

His Middle East connections

On his return to the UK once more, Clive became the number two in the Middle East Department back at Lloyds Head Office in Lombard Street and was acknowledged as an expert in Middle Eastern business affairs in the City of London banking world at that time.

Clive eventually left Lloyds to join Bank Saderat ( an Iranian International Merchant Bank ) where, at the time of his passing he had risen to the position of Joint Managing Director.

His leisure time

Clive very much enjoyed attending OH reunions, particularly the London Dinners. He also latterly took part in the various OHIL casual gatherings in The City of London. Being familiar as a City banker with the Square Mile, Clive would often help choose an appropriate venue for each reunion. Among his other interests, Clive was a very fine fly fisherman and a keen member of the Salmon and Trout Association, becoming elected an officer in the Surrey Branch of the STA for many years. CLTJ was also an expert on French wines especially Clarets and a collector of antiques, especially glassware.

Although he spent the majority of his life working in the City of London, he never lost his love of Herefordshire and the surrounding counties and was planning to retire back to the area at the time of his death.

Clive was married twice. He leaves behind his widow Kate ( née Morrell ) and two children from his first marriage to Angela ( née Snook )

Adapted from a Eulogy document submitted to the Club in March 2006 by his brother Barrie Rex Tilsley Jenkins.( OH 1955 – 1962 )
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