OH Day 2016
It was a day to be remembered, at least for the incoming president. For I had the privilege of being the first honorary OH to be elected president of your club – even though it required a change in the constitution for this to be accomplished – and the first (former) headmaster since Jack Hopewell to hold this office. As a pleasant reminder, the presidential chain sits proudly on my desk as I write this notice.

The day – which remains largely unchanged since my time at the school - was, of course, memorable for many other reasons. At the AGM, business was efficiently dispatched by my predecessor Gill Rivers, whose successful tenure as only our second lady president was formally concluded. Games of netball, hockey and rugby between Old Herefordians and the school, resulting in an OH victory at Wyeside, netball hockey & football were keenly contested. Above all, friendships were made and renewed for the seventy or so who attended the drinks reception in the Old Deanery and the excellent Christmas lunch in the dining-hall. At that gathering, the first I have addressed for twelve years, it was good to hear from Paul Smith, the present headmaster, about the continued success of the school and the high standards achieved in so many different spheres by the present generation of pupils. It was also fascinating to hear Paul’s account – which has subsequently gone around the world - of the recent return of a school library book (The Microscope and Its Revelations by W B Carpenter) after more than 120 years by the grand-daughter of Arthur Edwin Boycott OH, who became a distinguished naturalist and pathologist.

Over the course of my three-year tenure, I hope that you will learn more about Arthur Boycott and many other Old Herefordians through the publication (in 2018?) of my history of HCS, tentatively entitled Eight Hundred Years A School. I hope, too, that I will have the opportunity of meeting you not only at Hereford reunions but also at events in London and perhaps elsewhere. Why not come along to the dinner at the East India Club, St James’ Square, on the evening of 27 April; play in the ‘School House Cup’ competition at Burghill golf club on 11 May; or (to say nothing of 1947) if you left HCS in 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997 or 2007 organise a timely reunion at the school?

Howard Tomlinson (Headmaster HCS, 1987-2005)

Football HCS 1 - 2 OH

Firstly I would like to commend both teams for a terrific display of competitive football in increasingly testing conditions . Both sides played some excellent passing football and entertained an appreciative crowd despite the downpour of rain.

The OH team dominated early proceedings using their superior physicality. Whilst they missed an early penalty, the older heads created better chances.

The contest became more even as time progressed, but the OH team managed to gain a 2-0 advantage due to a combination of good play and the odd defensive error from the schoolboys.

Despite this, the School XI kept their heads up and played some of the best football of their term. They received their reward when, mid way through the second half, Joe Nowosielski pounced onto a goalkeeping error to score and halve the deficit.

The School XI played their trump card by bringing on Mr Taylor with ten mins to go, but couldn't quite create the equaliser they so deserved.

The game ended 2 - 1 to OH, but left me quietly confident that next term the School 1st XI will enjoy a successful few months.

Tony James (Head of Football)

Netball - The 2016 OH Netball matches will go down in HCS history. Not only did the OH's from 2016/2015 return to the court, but OH's who left the School in 2000 also made a guest appearance.

As the matches got underway, the energy in the sports hall was electric, with families, friends and OH's cheering and supporting the players.

Although both OH teams put up great team performances, it wasn't enough to secure the wins, with HCS beating the 2000 OH team 25-7 and the 2016/15 OH team 17-3.

Thank you to those who returned to the court! I hope to see you all next year.

Miss Harriet Major
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