letter to Mother - TN Wilmot
Sunday July 10

My dear mother

We have at last finished summer fallowing. Next we shall have to getting up hay discing[?] and harrowing.

I've never known such a place for having bugs as this. The only thing is to wear overalls and I hate them. Barbed wire is simply terrible. Last week I hit a stone while ploughing and got tossed (that happens on an av. twice a day) but the worst of it was there was a piece iron sticking out of the seat, and the seat of my trousers was not tossed off so of course were separated. That happened with a pair of overalls the very next day too.

I went to town yesterday to get lumber and fence posts. It simply poured with rain all the way back.

On Thursday every body but myself went down to the rive. We had to finish that ploughing last week so I stayed behind.

The weather last week was awfully hot. An av. of 90? in the shade. It was 92? today.

It was too hot for the horses to work properly on Friday. So I worked from 7 to 12.30 in the morning and from 3 to 8 in the afternoon. That was ploughing of course there was other work besides.

Its no use I can't write the mosquitoes are awful. Its an absolute necessity to smoke out here.

Your loving son Tom
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