Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott

My dear mother

Very many thanks for the H. Times. Why did you suddenly think I was at Devonport and put it on the address?

We ought to have been going into the trenches again today but the order was cancelled this morning and I believe we are going back to have a couple of days rest.

I am going for a ride after tea with Barton. It is a great terat being able to do these things instead of being in the trenches -- the trenches we were going to near Gy.

Just before we were relieved on Friday we brought down a Bosch aeroplane. It came over our trenches so we fired out and turned it back. And on the way back the guns followed it up and one shell burst just underneath it. It went for a few yds and then came down head over heels. We gave a great cheer and suitable remarks were passed to the Huns who are only 50 yds away just there. They are always shouting over to us.

I saw about Robert in the papers. I saw he will be in London soon. What rot they write about the Herefords in the H Times. They ought to be had up. At any rate the letters the men write ought to be censored long before they reach England. I see privates writing to the papers. Why it is in Kings Regs about nobody in the services being allowed to write to the papers. Its bound to be a pack of lies or it would have been censored. Not much news.

Your loving son Tom
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