Alex Holmes, OH 1979-1986
Bafta Award winner

Alex co-wrote and directed Dunkirk, a three part World War II mini-series for the BBC about the evacuation of allied troops from Europe in 1940; he was awarded a BAFTA as creative director. Alex has been responsible for some of the

BBC’s most successful observational films including The Boy Can’t Help It (2002) and Nap Attack (2002), as well as the multi award-winning film The Secret Policeman.

Alex has produced a number of independent productions including Kids Behind Bars (Truevision, Amnesty International best documentary 2002), Endgame in Ireland (George Foster Peabody Award 2002), The Fall of Milosevic

(Gold Medal New York Film Festival 2004).

In recent years Alex has also executive produced some the

UK’s most successful TV drama including Nice Girl, (2000),

The Other Boleyn Girl (2003), Flesh and Blood (2003 Prix

Europa, two Royal Television Society awards), Coup! (2006),

as well as a feature film, Last Resort (2000 Best British Film,

Edinburgh film festival, a BAFTA for director Pawel

Pawlikowski, and six other awards internationally).

Alex also co-wrote and directed BBC mini-series 'House of Saddam'.

The series was based on two years of research, including

interviews with members of Saddam’s regime. “I was

interested in an examination of how Saddam Hussein

remained in power for 24 years in spite of being hated by

many of his own people and the world. It was a chance to

delve into the complex nature of a man with whom many

Iraqis had such an ambivalent relationship involving respect

and loathing.”

Alex directed Coalition which one the Royal Television Society Awards for best single drama 2015

Alex Holmes is 39 and lives in London with his wife Rachel,

and their three children.
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