Letter to Mother TN Wilmot
July 1st 1914

My dear mother,

I wrote you last week -- stamped the letter & everything but forgot to send it into town.

Many thanks for yours of June 15th. We are going into Strongfield to-morrow to see the special farm train. It goes on a tour (I think this is the 4th week of it) and contains stock of different kinds and it stops at certain stations while farm bloods get out and learn about different things. I believe you can learn quite a lot if you can make out what they are shouting about. It is stopping at Strongfield as it is the town centering between Outlook & Elbow so it is quite a piece of luck (Strongfield being the smallest place in Sask. They are having a celebration too though I don't know what they celebrate -- just Strongfield I think.

I have been ploughing solidly for the last two weeks with 5 horses -- tandem wutg two in front & three behind. Altogether I have ploughed about 30 acres summer fallow and five acres breaking. Summer fallowing counts as manuring the land. You give it a rest for a year and plough it in the summer. It's wonderful the difference it makes to the crop.

I was very successful with the calf. We took it away from the cow directly it was born and I got it to drink out of basin properly by the second time. I made such my two fingers and then made it suck out of the basin off my two fingers, and by the third time it drank straight out of the milk pail.

It has been pretty hot today for a wonder (88?). The weather lately has been awful rain rain all the time. I believe it really rains all the summer except when it is wanted. We have thunder showers pretty well every day.

I think Mr & Mrs Sampson are coming here to-morrow. They have been right over to Vancouver. I believe that really the nicest part of Canada is in the Niagara Peninsula where Cecil is.

I & Hugh B went out to dinner last Sunday with some people named Pegg, a man and his sister who lived 3 miles away in a shack. It makes such an awful lot to do when you go out on a Sunday. No time as you can probably see by writing.

Your loving son Tom
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