OH & School Regatta 2012
On Sunday 9th September, we held the 2012 OH Regatta at Hereford Boat Club. We were very lucky to have the sun shining on us all day and a very enjoyable afternoon at the river was had by all. There were a fair number of events taking place across the different year groups and it was great to see the number of pupils that signed up and came along to enjoy the day along with their parents as it meant that there were plenty of spectators for the many close races and 2 unexpected capsizes during the event.

There were also parents helping out across the event manning the cake area and loading and unloading pupils from boats and our particular thanks must go to Mr Lush for umpiring at the finish and Mr George for awarding the Symond's cup at the end of the afternoon.

The race results were as follows:

Symonds cup (senior boys single sculls) - Simon Williamson

Senior Boys double sculls - Matt McKay and Marcus Grocott

Senior mixed double sculls - Laura Mansfield and Charlie Orr

Senior Girls double sculls - Mathilda and Charlotte Hodgkins Byrne

Senior mixed (or not so mixed as the case is here!) quad - James Webb; Hugo Sansome; Hugh Watkinson; Thomas Windows (cox: Henry Vowles)

Junior boys single sculls - Gawain Melville

Junior boys double sculls - Gawain Melville and Jacob Mileson

Junior girls double sculls - Annabel Radbourne and Primrose Brechtmann

Junior quad - Annabel Radbourne, Primrose Brechtmann, Olivia Wilde, Charlotte Spreckley (cox: Lucie Kemp)

OH Young-uns double sculls - Laurence Osborne and George Lort

There were some very promising races and we shall definitely be keeping our eye on these pupils as we progress into our later races in the year! We managed to round off the afternoon with a coaches, parents and OH race with our departing gap student and OH Will Lort stroking one boat and our current coach Stef Lyons stroking the other. This was not as close a race as we would have liked but congratulations go to Will Lort and his crew for showing the pupils how it is done!

All in all it was a very enjoyable afternoon and we look forward to hosting the next OH regatta in the summer term of 2013!'

Isla Whitmore

Chris Lush, Mr & Mrs David Prosser
Chris Lush, Mr & Mrs David Prosser
Graham Kemp & Mark Ellis
Graham Kemp & Mark Ellis
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