Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams OH 1947-1955
The Club has been informed of the death of Barrie Williams on Saturday 8 September following a fall.

Please read link for Obituary from Goodwood Road & Racing

Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams, who retired from his 60-year motor racing career earlier this year, sadly passed away on aturday 8 September following a fall. He began racing in historic events in 1986 and his quick wit will be missed from the paddock as much as his spectacular driving style and exemplary car control will be remembered.

His career began in 1957 at the Prescott hillclimb course, and went on to become long and varied. He turned his hand to – and excelled in – karting, sprints, races, rallies and hillclimbs, and had an ability to race anything from saloon cars to single-seaters. Speaking to The Telegraph in 2002, he said: “Whether it's a Maserati 250F, a Ferrari 250GTO, or a Morris Minor, if it's got wheels I'll drive it. The cars are there to be appreciated.”
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