Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
My dear mother

Very many thanks for your letters I got today. I am sorry I haven't written lately. I thought I had but it must have been a mistake on my part.

At present we are having Bde rest and shall probably go into the trenches again somewhere near the end of the week. We are giving a concert tomorrow night in the Town you mention. The GoC is coming at he was told it was the best -- all right what? We always have one every Bde visit. There are rumours of Divisional Rest after the next dose of trench. If so I ought to get some leave 8 days

I should like you to put some grease on my sword very much -- it ought to stop the grass growing on it. It has got a certain amount of 'newness' about it.

Mr Mundy Kyle [?] passed our mess yesterday while I was standing outside. He was on a bike but did not see me and I was not quick enough to stop him. He is behind the town you mention if he is with the 1st Div (they have just come) while we are in front of it.

The Bn went for a long Route March today and we got back at about 1/4 to 4. They dropped a few shrapnel overhead when we got back so they probably saw us. Probably got the wind up thinking we were bringing up huge reinforcements.

Sorry to hear about one of Robert's companies. I should have thought it almost impossible to get cut off here, however if they went in for instructions I bet they learnt plenty.

Congrats to Mr Adkins on his captaincy although I must say I always thought he was before.

By the way we should still be glad of any footers. I wish you would try and get a couple -- I'll pay for them. And any mouth organs too. They make all the difference.

I played for 9 and 10 platoons against the 5th Kings Liverpool (Terriers) yesterday at footer. We beat them 5-4 which was good considering they represent the Bn. They have attached to us as pioneers, so I hope they'll do all our fatigues.

Your loving son Tom
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