Letters from the Front WW1 - TN Wilmot
My dear mother

We are out of the trenches for 3 days. That does not mean 3 days rest as I would almost rather be int he trenches than just behind as the fatigues are so terrific. We go in again tomorrow. The night we came out (the night before last) I went up on a fatigue at 4.30 am in the afternoon getting back at 3 pm in the afternoon and tonight I am going up again at 10 o'clock and shall probably get back about 10.30 am. They are all mining fatigues and how we hate the miners.

Our leave now been stopped for about a fortnight, as two men overstayed their leve. Wehn it will start again I can't think.

We are having a very rough time here at present and probably shall for some little time.

I hope to get my leave soon but I can't tell when in the slightest. Many thanks for your letter through Robert. He has moved a long way. Good luck to him.

I must stop now.

Your loving son Tom
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