OH Day 2018
OH Day Programme TBC

Saturday 8th December, 2018

9.30am Pre Chess Coffee in Old Deanery

10.00am Chess Number 1, Room O

10.00 am OH Netball (HCS Sports Hall)

10.30 am Pre AGM Coffee in Old Deanery, Cathedral Close

11.00 am AGM In Briscoe Room, Old Deanery

11.45 am Pre-Lunch drinks in the Old Deanery

Midday OH Mixed Hockey - Whitecross School, warm up from 11.30am

12.15 pm Lunch in Dining hall - £15.00 each

2.00 pm OH Football at Wyeside

2.30 pm OH Rugby at Wyeside

If you would like to take part in any event please see below for contact details:-

Rugby please contact Mr H Windsor h.windsor@herefordcs.com

Netball & Hockey please contact Mrs S Hopkins s.hopkins@herefordcs.com

Football please contact Mr T James t.james@herefordcs.com

Chess please contact Mr R Croot r.croot@herefordcs.com

If you would like to attend the lunch then please email Helen Pearson on development@herefordcs.com
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Contact Us : Claire Morgan-Jones 01432 363590 or Helen Pearson 01432 363566
Email : c.morganjones@herefordcs.com or development@herefordcs.com