Letter to Mother - TN Wilmot
Strongfield Sask Sept 10th

My dear mother,

Many thanks for yours of Aug 24th. I have spoken to Porter [?] and he is bang on but I said I would stick to him through threshing. If you could possibly make an application for me it would be a good thing. We shall finish threshing in about the end of next week then I must stay 2 or 3 days to haul wheat so that Porter can get some money and I think he'll help me through though I may have to borrow a little. I shall turn up as soon as I possibly can, as there'll be rather a race I should. I was going to volunteer anyway, though in Canada you would only be put on Sentry duty over an elevator. Porter was in the S.A. War so of course he understands it all. We are working any amount of tiem now -- working from dawn until after sunset.

I hope to goodness the engine does not break down. Hugh Sampson leaves us on Monday so we shall have to slave more than ever then. I hope to goodness get a commission -- it's the chance of a lifetime. Still I shall volunteer anyway. No time to write -- but if you can make me an application and I'll be on the spot as soon as I can.

Val is here. The wheat is awful but the price is good.

Your loving son Tom
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