Letter to Mother - TN Wilmot
[Undated: KW July 3rd 1915]

C Coy 2nd Batt Worc Reg BEF France

My dear mother. We are now having a few days rest after spending 4 days in the trenches. Many thanks for your letter and sherridge[?]. I am glad something has been heard about the footers. I don't mind very much where they go to as they are without them[?] here as well as at the base. How many did he say he had got to spare?

Thank goodness my luggage has arrived. Do send me that shirt and could you get me another one as well do you think. About 151/2 collars. And also could you try and get me some autostrop safety razor blades -- somebody bagged mine.

I have just had a bathe in some filthy water -- still it is better than nothing. I hear the dug out we had mess in up the trenches was blown up the night we were relieved. The dug outs must be getting scarce as they blew mine in the night before.

I got a letter from Appleby saying the OH match is on the 28th. I shouldn't think they will be able to get any one to play.

I suppose Mr Adkin will get a nice of spell of leave now. I had a letter from Joyce yesterday. Please thank her very much for it.

There is still the bore of censoring letters when we go into rest -- and then they seem to pile up worse than ever. I have got a very nice platoon and one or two fine NCOs.

The 3rd Batt have had some casualties as I expect you saw. Clarke (who was killed) passed out of Sandhurst the same time that I did and only left Plymouth 2 weeks ago. The Lazarus came out 2 weeks ago too. He was a full blown Jew.

Well I'm afraid there is no news. The only sport here is watching aeroplanes being potted at.

The washing bill is not mine. I only had one lot there & that I payed to the Millbay Laundry. It probably belongs to J.D. Wilmot who was killed here last Saturday night. He came out here the same time that I did. If you remember I did not go to Plymouth till May 17th and those dates are in March.

I came to the regiment by myself but come in the train with 3 other fellows in other regiments from the base. I met two fellows in the trenches whom I knew at the base. I also met A.C.R. Browne Johnson who was at R.C.S. He had some useless little trench muskets he was trying help us with, in the T. Artillery. F.G. Williams was in the trenches on our right. I expect Ned remembers him.

Your loving son Tom

PS Who on earth in the 6th Batt thought I was like the Prince of Wales? And how did Sherridge hear about anything from the 6th Batt?
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