Beverley G Smith (OH 1952-1958)
The Club has been informed of the death of Beverley Smith OH 1952-1958

Bev does a Tommy Cooper!

Peter S. Hill ( OH 1952 – 1959 ) spoke at the OHiL lunch in Novemeber 2012 and gave a moving account of his lifelong friend Bev. The outline of this account is given below.

"Beverley was playing the Dame in the local amateur Christmas production of Dick Whittington in Winchester in November 2011. Having just finished his first number on the opening night to rapturous applause, he went into the wings ready for his next entrance. Unfortunately he collapsed following a massive heart attack and, despite valiant attempts by a doctor in the audience to resuscitate him, he passed on ”To the Theatre Above”.

This was a terrible shock for his widow Pat and their 3 children but, as she said at the time,” What a way to go, with applause still ringing in his ears!” It was after all in similar style to Tommy Cooper and Eric Morecambe."

PSH went on.. ..” We started school together aged 5 at The Prep School and remained friends throughout our lives. Thus it was with great sadness that I, Peter was invited to read a Eulogy at Bev’s funeral, which took place in his home town on 9th December 2011."

Peter added

“Bev left School to go into Journalism, starting with his local paper The Ledbury Reporter, then on to the Hereford Times. He then became the PR for the Automobile Association before becoming motoring correspondent at Associated TV in Birmingham. Here he worked alongside such characters as Chris Tarrant, Bob Warman & Gary Newbon and later as a news reader and reporter. He then moved to ITV in London with the likes of Greg Dyke before becoming programme controller of TVS in Southampton.

Finally he set up his own TV Production Company and was joined by his sons. Bev was always involved in the Rotary Club and other charities, giving more back in life than ever he took out. He was a colourful character, full of fun but always truly professional and will be sadly missed by all."
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