Letter to sister Joyce - TN Wilmot
[July 28th 1915 KW date]

My dear Joyce

Very many thanks for the stocking puttees. They are a great treat after wearing puttees all day long.

We are in the same place as before only about a mile further down the line. By the time you get this we shall be in the trenches again. I got the stockings when we got back from being relieved then after that we shall probably go back to our old place again.

They shelled us rather heavily the last two days we were in our last place. They also caught us going into the trenches too. We blew up a mine which was successful, and they blew up two. But we hardly had any casualties.

I'm afraid you seem to have had a lot of trouble getting these stockings. It is awfully good of you to have got them for me.

What is that story about the girl in the ABC restaurant? Was it meant to be a joke? It was meant to be an electric currant -- and not one from the bun I suppose.

Well I'm afraid we are in for a winter here. They are making the trenches sort of permanent houses but they seem to get them blown in half as fast as they are shored up.

I suppose we shall be back again by the time you get this.

Best of luck

Your loving brother Tom
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