Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
My dear mother

I went to the concert in B--- last night and afterwards went in to an hotel to get some dinner and who should I meet but Capt Priestman and Capt Baillie-Hamilton from the RMC. They had got a week's leave and had come out here to learn a few things. It was great meeting them again out here. They both used to play in E Coy's hockey team. I don't think I ever liked a man better than Priestman. They could not believe their eyes when they saw me as they had been told for certain that I was killed. Everybody thinks I have risen from the dead when they see me. It is rather sport.

We go into the trenches tomorrow for another long spell at where JDW was killed. I wish we were going to our last trenches as these ones are far from pleasant.

I had a letter from Aunt Esther today saying Cher had been to see her on leave.

No news except that I'm hoping for leave somewhere near the end of this month.

Your loving son Tom
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