Team OH Hull Cup 2011
On 19th October five Old Herefordian’s formed Team OH and braved the elements to run the Hull Cup 2011 with the rest of the school. The idea was suggested by Jon Webb (OH 1982-89) who decided to ask around to see if any of his former school mates would be interested in taking part and reliving memories of over 20 years ago.

And so, four weeks before the big day Jon met with Jason Hicks (OH 1982-89) and Mark Worthing (OH 1985-89) for their first training run. Easing themselves in they tackled the Junior Hull course, completing the 2.6 mile course in just over 23 minutes. It was at this point they began to wonder why, with such enthusiasm, they had thought this would be enjoyable! However, they decided they could do this and agreed to meet again the following Wednesday for a re-run of the Junior Hull.

So a week later and with renewed energy Jon, Mark and Jason gathered again at Wyeside with keen ambition. Most of the aches and pains from the first run had subside by now so they decided to tackle the Senior Hull course so that they knew exactly what they were in for! None of them had run this course when they were at the school as the route was originally what is now known as the Junior course, only being extended some years after they left. The reality of their ambition soon dawned as Jason struggled to keep pace during the final couple of miles however healthy encouragement from Jon and Mark saw all three get round. ‘It was painful and I can’t understand why I ever agreed to do this in the first place!’ said Jason. But, with the big event a fortnight away the boys had one more week of practice for which they were joined by Andy Davies (OH 1993-2000) to put in their final training run before the big day.

And so, the day arrived and the four OH’s gathered outside the Pavillion and were joined by the fifth member for the event, Ben Andrews (1993-2000). Feeling slightly nervous and with an air of trepidation the boys recalled how they felt all those years ago, as they watched the pupils gathering in excited/anxious groups waiting for the off. After re-acquainting themselves with some of their former teachers the signal was given and the race was underway. Team OH took up a steady pace, mocking those that set off at a lick and who were walking by the top of Broomy Hill. Receiving great encouragement from the marshals along the way (as well as some curious pupils) the boys soon found themselves back down by the river, picking their way between the ‘walkers’, counting off the field gates one by one. The heavens opened for the final quarter mile which saw Team OH complete the 4.2 mile course in a respectable 35.24, pretty tired but jubilant and proud of their success.

Plans are already in place to take part again next year and if any other OH’s wish to join Team OH please contact any of the below for more detail.

Jon Webb (1982-1989)

Mark Worthing (1985-1989)

Jason Hicks (1982-1989)

Andrew Davies (1993-2000)

Ben Andrews (1993-2000)
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