Jack S Vaughan ( OH 1942-1949 )
The Club was saddened to learn of the death of Jack who died on 22nd January 2009, whilst in Barbados on holiday with his wife Silvia. He was 76.

Jack was born in London in 1932, in the war he moved to the family farm in Gloucestershire then to Hereford. Whilst at HCS Jack was in the Rugby and Boxing teams, but will be remebered for stroking the 1st crew to victory at marlow Regatta in 1949.

Ten years later the self same crew held a reunion in the Hereford Boat Club and, to celebrate their victory, challenged the 1959 School 1st IV to a race on the Wye. Although their Cox was absent in Australia at the time, Christopher J. Lush ( OH 1954 - 1961 ) kindly stepped in to offer his services to Jack's team, which were made up of the following:-

Bow - Barry T. Thom

2 - H J R Hammonds

3 - Michael P. Moreton

Stroke - Jack Vaughan

His National Service was in the Parachute Regiment. He Married Siliva they had three children and eight grandchildren. He worked for the Northern and Commercial Union Insurance, spent three years in Pakistan , Lesotho South Africa and Trindad where he was the CEO of Patil, Trinidad & Tabago Insurance Ltd.

Writes Michael P Moreton

An entry in the ' Herefordian ' journal by Captain of Boats, John M. C. Levitt dated December 1959 stated

" The Old Boys had lost nothing of their style and had obviously benefitted from their ten-year absence from School, but not absence from rowing. They comfortably demolished the school IV by a clear 4 lengths "

JMCL added " Our 1st IV were unable to take part so the HCS 2nd IV took up the challenge.

When the OH's arrived however, it became apparent from their size that all our skills would be needed. They even brought their own mascot - a real life baby "

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