Christopher Hall (OH 1953-60)
It is with regret that I have to announce to The School the passing of Christopher Hall on Thursday 17th April 2014 after a battle with cancer.

Chris was a bit taller than me and certainly made his mark at school in the sporting arena. We both played in the same Inter-House Rugby Competition one year when, against all odds we only narrowly lost to School House in the first round. Being over 6ft, CH was positioned in the second row whereas I was at No.13, meaning that we Backs had to put in many tackles to prevent our line being breached. Chris went on to play for the 1st XV, then gained Colours that same summer rowing at Stroke for the 1st VIII. He had started out at No.2, then later No.6 before being selected as Stroke because of his sheer strength. Harold Lush, as Head Coach at the HCS Boat Club wrote in The Herefordian about the 1960 season…..” The season began with 60 club members together with numerous coxes. The 1st VIII settled down nicely with C. Hall at stroke setting a very respectable length. Later in the term some of those members in clinker fours were put into an eight to give them some experience of eight-oared rowing. Thanks to the Hereford Rowing Club, and not least to Chris Hall, we were able to put between forty and fifty crews on the water on Wednesdays and Saturdays. “

Chris joined the CCF and rose to the rank of Corporal. In those days the School only had an Army Division, affiliated to the Herefordshire Light Infantry with Geography Master Major Harold J. Lush OC CCF as our then Commanding Officer in charge of the Corps. Like me, Chris was a drummer in the CCF Band and became a ‘leading tipper’ during my time. Although Chris joined HCS a year after me, we ended up in the same form towards the end of our time at school. As a result we often sat together in lessons and I have fond memories of him as a contemporary. Not only were we both in East House ( also former residents of Deanery ) but there was one occasion when we were seated at the back of a class on the top floor of Big School. Still with the sound of band music in our heads from the last practice, we began gently tapping out a set of beats on the desk to a particular number using HB pencils! Can’t recall the subject nor the teacher in charge but he must have been blissfully unaware of our antics?

Perhaps it’s appropriate that, as a former Cathedral school pupil and prompted by a natural sense of rhythm, he became a keen musician, attending music festivals after he retired from the Avon & Somerset Constabulary.

Peter Fairman-Bourn
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