Letters from the Front WW1 from TN Wilmot
My dear mother

Very many thanks for your letters which I got today.

We have just come out from 4 days tour in the trenches. Not such bad trenches but we had a lot of casualties from rifle grenades. We were just in the flank of a gas attack by the Boches, and got the gas but not the attack. Luckily we were ready for and expected the gas so that the effects were not bad. I was glad to get out of the trenches although we did not have them knocked about much. Our time is at present taken up in working parties in the trenches, and then we go up again.

I had a short letter from Robert directly he arrived at the Battn. Very sudden arrival. I'm very glad to hear Larry is quite well again and hope he gets a good leave.

Has Cecil joined the Worcestershire Rgt as the last proposal was. Would not he like the artillery or some other branch better. Infantry are the drudges of the army and do all the work & no pay.

It is a pity having to let the Lawns[?] but I suppose it cannot be helped. I suppose hope the Club is still open as I hope to get some tennis if ever I get my leave.

We are having some magnificent weather at present I hope it keeps on.

I wonder whereabouts Jim Adkin has gone. There are none of his regiment about here.

Our 1st Bn are having a fine time where they are. As far as I can make out they play cards every night with the Germans, and borrorw each other's mauls to put wire[?]. Rather different to our bit.

Rather comic this Irish business.

Your loving son Tom
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