Professor Anthony D Nuttall FBA (OH 1948-1954)
Professor Anthony Nuttall FBA, died suddenly at his home in Oxford on 24 January 2007 aged 69. He was a noted Shakespeare scholar and one of the finest literary critics of his generation.

Born on 25 April 1937, Tony was the younger son of a Hereford schoolmaster and had a brother called Jeff Nuttall, author of Bomb Culture (1968) who has also since passed away. ADN attended HCS and Watford Grammar and in 1955 went up to Merton College, Oxford, to read Classical Moderations and, later, English. It was here, with Iris Murdoch as his graduate supervisor, that Tony developed his interest in the interface between literature and philosophy. His book Two Concepts of Allegory (1967) was based on his Oxford BLitt., thesis and he followed this in 1974 with another important book A Common Sky: Philosophy and the Literary Imagination. He always published as “A D Nuttall” and continued to publish many well-respected books during his career. Examples such as – A New Mimesis (1983), Why Does Tragedy Give Pleasure? (1996), Openings (1992), and Dead from the Waist Down (2003) are perhaps the best known and Shakespeare the Thinker is due to be published in April 2007.

In 1962 Tony was appointed assistant lecturer at the University of Sussex and taught there for more than 20 years, being appointed professor in the 1970s and eventually becoming Pro-Vice-Chancellor. In 1984 he took the opportunity to return to Oxford, teaching at New College, and was appointed to a personal chair in 1992 and was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1997. ADN retired from teaching in 2003.

Anthony Nuttall was renowned for his engaging style as a lecturer, his helpful comments to undergraduates and his dedication and efficiency in performing his administrative duties. Above all, he was noted for his geniality.

He is survived by his wife, Mary, whom he married in 1960, and their son and daughter.

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