Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
My dear mother

This letter may reach you late for various reasons in the post.

My home address was sent for leave last night so I hope to be home in a short time though I'm afraid I shall never be able to say when except by telegraphing from London when I get there. Anything may turn up between now and then so it's no use saying anything for certain.

We have spent a week on end in these trenches and as far as I can make out are liable to be in them for another week before we are out of them. They are not such very bad trenches but we get some lively hours now and then, the nights especially.

I spend most of my time crawling in the grass and their communication trenches looking for souvenirs and will bring home what I can. I have been doing a lot of sniping too. This is a very good place for it.

The Herefordshire do not seem to have started very well. Very bad luck on them as they would have hardly seen anything fighting before they got these casualties. I got both your letters & the paper for which many thanks.

We have got a gramophone in one of the companies which is a great asset.

The Huns are a very sporting lot here as they signal all the results of your shots when sniping by waving flags. Yesterday a fellow was firing at a white sandbag in those trenches and for every miss they put up another white flag and for every hit they took one down. I am going to try and bring my rifle back as I shall probably lose it if I take it about with me.

I hope to be starting on leave soon after this weeks tour.

Your loving son Tom

PS Many thanks for sending off footers and mouthorgans.
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