C E LeMesurier
Sweetheart – We got in this morning from a trip to a southern base to change our damaged gun. Not bad work, left at 2pm- went down at 20 knots-berthed the little ship alongside a big floating crane – out old and in new gun. Has a couple of hours sleep, left at 4 o/c and were back here, in our old berth, by 9am. Well under 24 hours. War has taught our dockyards to work! I found your letter of 6th waiting for me - and rejoiced to this your suspense was over: next time I will send a harmless wire. I thought at pc better but it takes too long on the road.

The C in C came on board yesterday morning to look at our various scratches and to se the officers and men: he was really most complimentary and kind. I must start whacking our 10A (fatigues) – or they will develop swelled head: the officers have already been put into Harbour Watch! I am getting in the answers from the various relatives I wrote to early in the week>

Very plucky, all of them – does one good to read ‘em – I thing – when JRJ (Jellicoe) gets his version before this public you will realise that the Germans have no cause to pat themselves on the back – unless that the thick weather and failing light saved them

Here is another story to cheer you up – On our way to South and East that eventful Wednesday, a general signal was made that a certain trawler unit had engaged and sunk a submarine on Friday. When we were all busy filling up withj coal, oil and ammunition, the SO of the cruiser squadron sweeping up the North Sea for cripples W/T’d me that he had sunk a submarine by gunfire. Two days later, one of our E Class returned to his base and reported his account of the cruise on that Wednesday, early, he had fallen in with some armed trawlers who had ‘caused him some annoyance’ while on Friday night he had ‘been seriously discommoded by one of our four-funnelled ‘cruisers’’ Rather nice?

Here is Willie’s letter. Probably a good deal in what he says about the non-declaration of war between Italy and German and Money does talk, as the sailor puts it. Tino is in hot water again – and a commercial blockade. A very old remedy for ‘hot Greece’ is the King.

Heart up, all goes well.
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