WW1 Letters to Mother from France - T Wilmott
Worcestershire Rgt

My dear mother

We are in the same old trenches. I myself am garrisoning a keep with my platoon in rear. It is very dull as I am all by myself. However I am only here for two days and then I go up to Coy in the front line.

I was up in the line visiting the Coy this morning when the Boches brought one of our aeroplanes [down]. It was coming over from their lines evidently with engine trouble or something and when it got directly over their front line they hit it with rifle fire. It landed all right just behind our second line and then they started shelling all round it. However although the aeroplane was absolutely riddled the pilot and observer were alright and got out of the machine not knowing whose lines they were in, jumped into a truck, whipped out their revolvers ready to shoot the first man they saw. The Boches smashed up the machine in the end but the cost in shells must have been twice that of the aerolane and the pilot and observer were both only slightly wounded.

This Russian victory is good news isn't it? They said in the Intelligencer today that they had taken 100,000 prisoners.

What has Cecil done? Robert seemed rather anxious about him doing soemthing before the Compulsion Bill came in but nothing happens till March 2nd does it?

Love to all

Your loving son Tom
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