Nepal Trek (Ghachok Link) Reunion
In July 2015, via the auspices of Helen Pearson (OH Secretary), HCS held a Trekking Reunion for all those who had been to Nepal since the first visit, which was organised by Mike Moffatt in 1998, with the assistance of Lt. Col. Edward Marvin (OH) and Major Ramprasad Gurung. In recent years Mrs Alex Campbell has been co-ordinating these annual treks for the HCS Sixth Form pupils. After the initial trek in 1998, a small committee was established which called itself the Ghachok Link Committee (GLC) to over see a specific project. Eventually, it was decided that perhaps the project could be Shree Sharada School; located in Ghachok village. Over the years the GLC has overseen many improvements for the school and also the learning environment for the pupils.

In July our most notable guests were Major Ram' and Gyanu his wife. In attendance also were a number of ex-pupils, joined by many of the parents whom had previously trekked in Nepal. It was a great afternoon, enabling everyone to catch up, swap trekking experiences and stories.

Mike Moffatt and Major Ram' gave a short up date on the recent earthquake in Nepal and the affect it has had on everyday life out there. Sadly it has destroyed some villages, roads and crucial farm land. Added to this tourism for 2015 has been dealt a severe blow, as many of the planned treks for the season have been cancelled.

At a recent GLC meeting it was decided to set up a Nepal Earthquake Fund, to help those who over the years had been involved with the HCS treks. The GLC was aware that a number of the Sherpa's and other Himalayan Envpro staff had been severely affected and needed some assistance. Therefore, Alex Campbell suggested that she would speak to the HCS Bursar to see if under the wing of HCS School a relief fund could be established.

With this eventually put in place and some generous donations from friends, HCS parents and pupils the fund has steadily grown over recent weeks. In October 2015 both Alex Campbell and Mike Moffatt will be visiting Nepal at their own expense to see how best the collected funds could be used to assist HCS' friends in Nepal. Should anyone wish to make a donation, please make cheques payable to the HCS Nepal Earthquake Fund. If you wish to make an anonymous donation that's fine, otherwise your name will be listed amongst the other kind donations received so far. At the moment the plan is keep this fund open ended due to the havoc caused in Nepal.

Towards the the end of the year an update on how, when and where the proceeds of the HCS Nepal Earthquake are being spent will be produced, hopefully with a few photographs of some of the beneficiaries included.

Mike Moffatt
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