Letter Home from School Thomas Wilmot Summer 1914
Envelope attached addressed to C.W. Stuart Esq, 81 Hijo-Machi, Kobe, Japan, via Siberia

Cathedral School, Hereford

My dear Uncle Charlie,

I'm sorry I have'nt written before, but I really have'nt had time. We've been having boat races and fives competitions lately, so that there's been no time at all.

We beat Monmouth in the boat race last Thursday by 31/2 lengths. And we are racing Worcester (away) on Saturday. It was grand run going over to Monmouth. We went over in two motor 'buses (if that's how you spell it) and had ripping sport. But it poured with rain the whole day, so that we all got wet through, especially during the race.

I don't expect all of us will be able to go to Worcester, because of the strike. But I think I shall be able to go, because of the fives four. We play Worcester at fives. And I think my brother, I, and two others are going to play. I hope we shall beat them.

We've been playing hockey a bit lately. But of course we've lost all the matches, as it is really a school game. And I don't think much of the game what ever it is.

Rowing of course is the great thing this term. The regatta was about 3 weeks ago, and our four won our race but Ned lost his. Ned was rowing (bow) and I was rowing (stroke). I like rowing awfully. Of course next term we're on the river all the time when we are not playing cricket. We ought to have a pretty good cricket team this year.

We don't break up till the Thurs after Easter; and the sports are on April. 10th. I expect you know the 'Varsity Sports was a draw. And Macmillan beat the 1/4 mile record by 1/5 sec.

What a ripping postcard that was you sent me. I suppose that was the front of the ship below.

Your loving nephew

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