Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
Oct 4 1915 2/Worc Regt [writing noticeably more shaky]

My dear mother

I am afraid it is ages since I last wrote you a proper letter but I have not had a chance.

I will start from where the attack started on Sat Sept 25.

On Friday 24 we went up to the trenches to take up our places for the attack which was to take place next day. We were in support. Early on Sat morning we them of our gas and attacked the Regt in front [?]. 3 lines of trenches were but the Germans bombed them out again. We were not called upon to attack that day and all the casualties we had that day was 1 officer. On Sat night the Bn marched 5 miles south. We went up to the trenches that afternoon and attacked at about 4 o'clock. We charged over 500 yds of open ground and took two lines of trenches. C and D Coys in front A & B Coys behind. Being in front the trench we took was a communication trench so that night we had to dig ourselves in with entrenching tools as best we could. Those trenches we held until early on Thursday morning we were relieved just before it got light. During that attack we lost 13 officers and over 300 men but we gained our object and received congrats from all around.

On Friday night we were sent into the trenches again in the same place. We had a small boost on Sat night to try and get the Germans out of a trench which teh people we relieved had let them get in, and on Sunday night we were relieved again.

By the way we repulsed two German counterattacks with bombs on the trenches we had captured with large casualties to ourselves but more to the Germans.

I can't describe everything. You have got to see it to imagine it. Everything is so awful.

Do you remember Oldham at school? He was blown to bits by a bomb. Daubeny was killed too. We only had the CO Adj and 6 subs left and I took over command of B Coy.

Your loving son Tom
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