OH in London Dinner - 2010
A total of 15 OH’s attended this year’s London Dinner which was held at The East India Club in St James’s Square, SW1. Headmaster Paul Smith also joined us and was accompanied by Tim Wheeler, HCJS Head. We were delighted to welcome for the third year running Mrs Kathy Clark, mother of Juliette Austen-Chandler, a former Head Girl and the other lady guest present was Bunty Jones, wife of OH Maurice Jones ( 1953 – 1960 ).

After Paul Smith said grace, we sat down amidst slight confusion about the food that was being served. Organiser and Chairman Richard Buckeridge made a quick announcement half way through the first course, apologising to diners saying there was a mix-up over that which was printed on the menu card and what we were in fact actually eating which was something completely different ! However, this did not deter the guests in any way and several people remarked on how good the main course was.

As coffee was being served, President Andy Davies rose to give a short account of Club activities over the past year, and then invited us all to stand for the loyal toast before handing over to the Headmaster. Paul Smith commenced by announcing that several important activities were taking place in his household this year – namely that he had been married for 25 years, one of his daughters was celebrating her 18th birthday and he was about to reach 50 ! Anyway, he delivered his usual summary of school achievements across all areas of the curriculum and said he was proud to have presided over some exceptional exam results last year, even exceeding some of the major top public schools in the country.

We then heard from Tim Wheeler about how his pupils at the Junior School had performed, not only academically but artistically such as in stage productions and also on the sports field.

There was no Speaker this year so, after toasting the School, guests were able to freely move around the room and to catch up with one another on news since the last time we all met at this prestigious West End club.

A most enjoyable evening was had by all guests.
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