Letter to Mother - TN Wilmot
[KW July 7th 1915]

[Same address]


My dear mother

I got here yestereday and almost as soon as I got to the billetts we went off to the trenches. I am now writing this in a dugout in the first line of trenches. The Germans are only 50 yards in front of us here.

We have now spent 24 hours in this trench. The whole relief works on 4 days in and 4 days out. It has been fairly quiet but for a few coalboxes and snipers. They liven up towards night time.


Still in the same place this morning. They gave 2 or 3 Jack Johnsons to liven us up at about 8 o clock.

Just in for a lively time.

Your loving son Tom

Just been through an artillery bombardment you can what it is like when only 50 yards apart as you get the benefit of your own as well as the enemys shells Jack Johnsons usually. Ill write you first chance I'm dog tired now Tom [very shaky writing]
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