Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
2/Worc Regt Sunday

My dear mother

Very many thanks for the Hereford Times and the letter I got today. I'm very sorry I have not written for such a long time but we have been having a rotten time in the trenches and I only managed to send a Field PC.

At present they are giving us a slight rest from the trenches. We are going back again on Friday.

The CO has gone on leave today. He deserves it too.

We are having a football match tomorrow D Coy having challenged the rest of the Bn. I am getting up the rest of the Battn side. It ought to be a good game.

I had a letter from Audrey yesterday saying she saw one of the fellows in the Battn who was on leave. They have just started giving officers leave again so I may get some leave in about a months time.

Winter is coming. However I don't think anything can be worse than what we have just been through.

I see the King has had to make an appeal for men.

Give my best wishes to Robert.

Your loving son Tom
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