Alex Shave Former Teacher
Alex Shave passed away on August 14th, 2015 after a long illness aged 79, A Thanksgiving Service for his life took place at St Paul's Church, Tupsley at 11.30 a.m., on Wednesday, August 26th.

Alex retired 20 years ago from HCS and taught Economics and languages.

extract from the OH magazine 1995 -

Alex Shave has been involved in the life of thisschool for rather a long time - nearly 32 years, infact. During this time, his services to H.C.S. have been immense. Seemingly omniscient, he has taught a wider range of subjects at secondary level than anyone I have ever known - French, German, Computing and, most importantly Economics, a subject which he introduced to the school. He was Housemaster of Stuart House for twenty years and a lower sixth form master for almost as many. As Director of Studies, he was also responsible for the timetable - probably the least enviable job in school teaching - and latterly as Senior Master, his duties have included responsibility for Health and Safety, fire practices, maintenance, teacher training and setting up our administrative computer network. In between, he devised our first calender and much of our recent prospectus; he was a key member of the Careers and Public Relations teams; he wrote staff reviews; and ran the squash and bridge clubs, and not least, the staff cricket team. And no doubt this is an incomplete record of Alex Shave's multifarious activities over a long and distinguished career! Four Headmasters, an Acting Headmaster and generations of staff and pupils owe a great deal to the professionalism, dedication and friendship of Alex Shave. Thank you, Alex, for your devotion to the welfare of this community over more than three


Howard Tomlinson
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