Owen Bruntnell Memorial Match
On Saturday 26th January 2013 brought 10 Old Herefordians together to pay their respects and celebrate the life of one of the schools great characters.

Owen Bruntnell (1984-1992) transcended the school throughout his time both with pupils and teachers alike. He was a true all-rounder at Wyeside, a very talented artist and was always in possession of a huge smile and an even bigger personality.

Owen sadly passed away in November 2012 much to the shock and surprise of everyone who knew him. Without the opportunity to formally pay our respects we decided to set up a Memorial Day where those who would be able could pay their respects and also mark his birthday on 29th January.

A game of touch rugby in the new school sports centre with the soundtrack to his and our era seemed a fitting way to remember a great friend.

He would have found our efforts enjoyable to watch, the old sparkle and flair long since departed! After 2 hours we realised that more time wouldn't improve our technique so we headed off to Saxtys to share some great stories and some equally fond memories.

Owen was a friend to many, he had an ability to make people feel special and always brought his infectious energy to every situation. Those who came and a few who couldn't kindly donated £130 which will be going to Close House in Hereford, a young persons charity which Owen would have appreciated.

We are hoping to turn this into an annual event that brings Owen's peer group together to remember our times together. If anyone else would like to join in next year just contact the OH magazine and we will send details out closer to the time.
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