Letter to Mother - TN Wilmot
[gap presumably while he travels home -- none from Sandhurst it seems!]

July 4th 1915

2nd Bn Worc Regt 5th Bde 2 Division BEF France

My dear mother

I arrived here this morning after a terrible journey which took me some 21/2 days altogether. I spend one day in Rouen on the way up as we got there early in the morning and did not leave till the evening. It took a lot of fighting to get into the train at Rouen but managed to do it in the end.

We are going to have our turn in the trenches, so I did not come up at a very waiting time.

I was very lucky in finding a man with nothing to do and a car when detraining and I went quite a motor tour with him to try and find the battalion. We got under rather a hot place and were turned back to go another way. However we got there in the end after a morning's tour in the car.

J. D. Wilmot was killed by a sniper the other day and was buried today. He came out here the same time that I did -- he was an awfully nice chap. I have come up here to take his place.

There is absolutely no news until we have done something so I'll chuck off this as we are starting soon.

Your loving son Tom
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