Letters from the Front WW1 - TN Wilmot
My dear mother

We are doing all sorts of things round here. At present we are just behind the line, but are going up to the trenches tonight. The Germans seem to be bottled up all roudn, and I hope it means the finish of them.

Daylight saving came into being here two nights ago, so I suppose our time is now the same as England again.

At last the fine weather has started. For the last fortnight it has rained almost every day.

Barton has gone to hospital. He went yesterday and seemed very ill. I went in to visit him today and I think he must have got (can't spell it) but it is a thing you have the matter with your throat. Anyway he has struck it jolly well as he never looked as if he would stick it at all. He came out with me and it seems quite different without him.

I am taking on 2nd in command to the company, and have got to hand over my platooon to a fellow who is no good at all. Luckily I have got 2nd in Command to the same Coy so it does not matter much. There are only 2 men in my platoon now who were in it when I joined.

Your loving son Tom
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