Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
My dear mother

Very many thanks for your letter of today. As far as I can make out I ought to get some on about the 21st.

We came out of the trenches on Saturday after having a pretty awful time. The mud was well over my knees frost every night and it rained day & night. The water poured through what bit of dug out we had and everything was cold and miserable for four days and nights.

The Germans are giving themselves up 14 & 2 officers came over and said they had been in the trenches 8 days and had no food for three. All arrangements were made for the rest to come over, but they were relieved in time.

I am at present on a bombing course. The Bn is billetted in the same place which is nice as I can mess with them. The course last 8 days. I don't think they teach us much more than I have learnt myself but still it is a nice 8 days.

I hope I shall see Robert when I get my leave.

Your loving son Tom
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