Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
My dear mother

Many thanks for both your postcards. We caem into the trenches yesterday and are having some very nice weather but a lively time at the same place as last time.

We had a very successful day on Thursday in a sort of formal meeting of the 10th Bn who came out about 9 weeks ago. They are the first R A to come out. Then we gave the concert at B and afterwards had the officers of the 20th Bn to mess and had a bust up.

I had a letter from Ned yesterday dated Aug 22.

By the way when you address my letters please either put Worc. or Worcestershire Regt but not Worcester. It is not right.

I have got a hammock slung in my dugout and have a little place where I can sit out in the sun so on the whole I am living in comparative luxury.

I will write to Robert. He seems to spending a long time in France when he ought to get no end of nice long rest in England later.

Your loving son Tom
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