The Rt. Revd. Ivor Stanley Watkins (OH 1909 - 1911)
Ivor Stanley Watkins was born in 1896 and attended HCS between 1909 ansd 1911. On leaving school he went up to Cambridge to study Theology at Trinity Hall. He was ordained in 1924 and took up a post as curate at Bedminster. He rose steadily through the church hierarchy, initially becoming Vicar of St Gregory's, Horsfield. Following this post he became Rural Dean of Bristol, then Archdeacon before bieng elevated to the Diocese's Suffragan bishopric. After a decade at Malmesbury, he transferred to Guildford as Bishop where, “in a short time he won the hearts and minds of both clergy and laity by his active and diligent pastoral ministry."

He died in October 1960 aged just 64.
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