Letter to Sister - T Wilmott
My dear Joyce

Very many thanks for your letter from Nuneaton.

As you say the weather has been decidedly wet and then the frost to cap the lot. You can imagine the effect of a frost on mud waist deep. It's like living in a mire.

I got a cake from Robert sent from Worcester today. I suppose he must have been at the OW concert to be in Worcester.

Parcels started arriving today to arrive in stacks. More parcels than I've ever seen before in a camp.

What a life to spend -- awaiting 2 lonely officers. They are probably all the same officers with a different name.

Goatskin coats you will find are only used for going on leave in. You'll even see officers they are only worn to create an impression at home. It would be impossible to wear them in trenches. It is a great shame that the Army Servants Corps should be issued with leather waistcoats and our men with the skins. If it was the other way about it would be all right. All K's Army have got leather waistcoats so Larry will have got one.

Things are always happening here but being no letter writer I can't explain them. Life will be dull after this.

Cheers and a very merry Xmas to you.

Your loving brother Tom
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