Wedding Chris Morgan (2003) and Rebecca Northmore (2003)
Rebecca Northmore OH 1996-2003 and Chris Morgan OH 1996-2003

The wedding of OH Committee Member Chris Morgan (OH 1996-

2003) and Rebecca Northmore (OH 1996-2003) took place in the

Lady Chapel at Hereford Cathedral on Saturday 1 May 2010, with

the reception following at The Priory, Stretton Sugwas.

Old Herefordian guests included Colin Manning , (OH 1938-1944);

Anthony Weston (OH); Simon Andrews (OH 1996-2003); Ed Painter

(OH 1996-2003); Emma Brisbane (OH 2002-2004); Ben Pattison

(OH 1996-2003); Did Pattison née Hunting (OH 1997-2004); Iain Mackay

(OH 1996-2003); John Crichton (OH 1998-2003); Bernie MacGregor

(OH 1998-2003); Elizabeth Dollins (OH 2001-2003).

The photographers were Cameron Swan, who are husband and wife team

Old Herefordian Oliver and Ruth Cameron-Swan. Chris and Rebecca went on

honeymoon to Paris and the Île de France. They both now live and work in

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