OH in London Autumn Evening

A total of 17 guests attended our usual casual get-together of Old Herefordians at The Counting House, a Fullers Ale & Pie House in the heart of the Square Mile on Tuesday 2nd October 2012.

Some of us had begun to think that there was little point in continuing to stage this type of event in London following the disappointing response last year. However, we were very pleased with the numbers this time following some key networking done by Peter Fairman-Bourn using the LinkedIn OH Club Group set up by Tim Conning ( Cornwall ’77 – ’84 ) eighteen months ago. It now boasts over 100 members and is set to double in the next year.


It is probably worth mentioning here that we also made use of the newly formed Old Herefordians Group that has since been set up on Facebook

A Scottish presence

Among the seventeen people in attendance we welcomed back Andrew Hancorn (Sch. Hse 1959 – 1963) and his wife Joyce all the way from Edinburgh. The last time they attended an OHiL gathering was for a lunch in 2010 when they were en route to Kent to visit their newest grandchild who had just arrived. Joyce now reports that their son and daughter-in-law have since produced another grandchild who they were eagerly looking forward to seeing for the first time.

Six HCS Decades represented

Staying with young people, we greeted three lads who had only left HCS during the Noughties, hence have not been Old Herefordians for very long. Then from the Nineties we saw the only Lady OH present on the night, Lizzie Jarvis ( Langford 1990 – 1996 ) No one from the 1980’s this time but several from the Seventies era, when the whole education system was going through major changes across England & Wales. The 1960’s and 1950’s period were however covered and, by complete contrast, at the opposite end of the age spectrum there were two OHs who were in school during WWII plus one who joined in 1947. By that time HCS had begun to receive its first intake of young teacher graduates from Oxbridge, such as Roger D. Lancaster BA., Peterhouse, Harold (Joey) Lush BA., Trinity College, John (Dickie) Brookes MA., Keble College. Already on the staff was Welshman Bernie Edwards BA., so he was joined by W. J. (Danny) Rumsey and J. W. (Jimmy) Rowlands both fresh for the University of Wales with B.Sc’s.,
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