Letter to Mother - TN Wilmott
2/Worc Regt

My dear mother,

Our officers have been reinforced as far as I can make out by officers from the 12th Battn. I do think it's a shame. Really all these officers are senior to me during the war, having spent all their lives in England. However in the Battn itself I think they consider those who have been out here are regular senior to the 12th Army and will give us a separate scale of promotion. We have sent an objection to the Brigade about them coming out as it is not as we hadn't our own officer Reserves.

I have now been appointed Bombing Officer to the Battn, so therefore am the Battn fireeater. It's not a pleasant job but somebody has to do it as about the most important thing going.

Your loving son Tom

PS Thank heavens Barton was one of the few to get through that charge.
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