Dr Richard P Bower (OH 1946-1950)
Richard won a scholarship to RMA, Sandhurst on leaving HCS and subsequently served Queen & Country. As can be noted from the piece written by his sister Biddy, his career as an army officer took him overseas, yet he continued to do much more travelling after becoming a civilian. He remained single throughout his life and on retirement from Booker McConnell, took up occupancy of the family home at No.4, Wish Ward, close to the main High Street in Rye, East Sussex. I met him for the first time in 2007 at one of our casual OHiL pub lunches beside the Thames and, as has already been stated he was a quiet, mild mannered chap who was nevertheless most interesting to talk to. He continued to attend further gatherings in Town for the next four years and said he enjoyed meeting up with former HCS contemporaries. He expressed regret however at not being able to attend the final event of 2011 as he had been waiting to be seen by a consultant cardiologist for several months and his appointment just happened to be on the same day!

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