Letters from the Front _ TN Wilmott

My dear mother

At present my Coy are behind in billets just behind the line. Two Coys are up in the trenches with another battalion who are so weak that they form themselves into 2 Coys when going into the trenches. We are doing fatigues up in the line most of the time -- I am going up again at 10.30 tonight. I hope we shall get a Bde rest on Tuesday and go back to B. These mining fatigues when we are out of the line are rotten as they last 5 hours not counting the time it takes to get up there and get back. Altogether it takes about 11 hours.

These tin helmets are the limit too. It is like having a 10 lb weight on ones head the whole time. You are never allowed to take it off except when in a dugout. We shall all be bald in a few months.

I hope Larry does not get a commission as it is much as he is in the Fusiliers. They have now being [sic] turned into an OTC right away and his turn will come in good time.
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